Since being launched in 2007, the annual Schoenherr roadmap has highlighted significant legal developments in our markets, presenting them in a special context created in partnership with a different artist each year.
This year, we have the privilege of working with the artist Dejan Kaludjerović, whose theme for roadmap16 is Conversations.

This theme is apt, as lawyers to a large extent engage in multiple Conversations, on multiple levels, each and every day. They negotiate with one another. They argue over facts and penalties, punishments, incentives, and rewards. They debate the law. They advocate. Taken collectively, lawyers are involved in a grand and social conversation about how the world should work. Similarly, Dejan incorporates Conversations about specific topics in his art, aiming to reach an understanding of the world from the perspective of children.

The articles included in roadmap16 are individual elements of this ongoing social conversation, featured next to an eye-catching presentation of alphabet blocks placed alongside snippets from interviews with children about law. Dejan’s seemingly light, yet remarkably poignant work thus ties in well with the theme of this year’s roadmap. We hope it will inspire and encourage both thought and, yes, Conversations among its Readers.

roadmap 15
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